NCT’s Ten Kicked Himself In The Way Only He Could And Wasn’t Phased One Bit

Only he could stay that upbeat.

WayV released a behind the scenes video of their “Take Off” filming and one part required the use of a trampoline.

Yangyang noticed someone having so much fun that they were doing back flips, and he was so amazed he’d stopped talking mid-sentence. He also forgot the rest of his thoughts.

The person in question was Ten. He hadn’t played on a trampoline since he was young, so it felt like he was able to relive his youth.

And just like a kid, he ended up hitting himself on the back of his head. It wasn’t just any hit; he’s so flexible that his leg was able to reach high enough to kick himself.

Afterward, Ten laughed it off as he rubbed his head. He’d said he played on trampolines often, so it most likely wasn’t his first incident regarding one.

Check out Yangyang and Ten having fun with the trampoline.