NCT’s Yuta Blessed Everyone With A New Hairstyle And They’re Going Wild Over His Beauty

Even non-NCTzens want to know who he is.

NCT 127 have been changing their hair colors and experimenting with new styles for “Superhuman”, and there’s one person that’s standing out.

While performing on the June 14 airing of KBS‘s Music Bank, Yuta debuted a new hair style that had fans going wild.

With his bangs loose and his hair pulled into a bun, he looked like an anime character come to life.

NCTzens couldn’t deal with how beautiful the style was on him. The look has even been named “190614 Yuta.”

Even those who weren’t NCTzens were curious about who he was after seeing him pull off the look.

Since photos aren’t enough to show the full impact of it, check out this video as well and join the ranks of everyone falling for Nakamoto Yuta.