NCT’s Yuta Calls His Mom And Their Conversation Is The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

Their relationship is special!

In a recent video on the NCT YouTube channel, some of the members created gifts for their parents to celebrate Parents Day, which is celebrated annually in Korea.

One of those members was Yuta and, because his parents are in Japan, he wanted to make something extra special for them to show how much he cares.

After packing his special gift, Yuta phoned his mom, explaining what he was doing! During his conversation, he explained how grateful he was for everything she has done.

I’m always thankful that you are rooting for me. I’ll be waiting until we can meet again. I will be doing my best here, so I hope you stay healthy and do your best in Japan as well.

— Yuta

If that wasn’t enough, his mom proved that she is just as sweet, wishing her son well!

Let’s rejoice together about nice things. Let’s care for each other through the hard times. Although you (Yuta and his sisters) are apart, you are nice to each other, and, as a parent, I’d love to see you guys caring for each other.

— Yuta’s mom

She then mentioned the company, staff, and all of the NCT members, saying that she couldn’t thank them enough for allowing Yuta to achieve his dreams. For her, it is because of the support from everyone that he can perform.

After saying bye, Yuta explained that he speaks to his mom a lot on the phone because he is in another country.

You have no one else in the world who is like your family. Staying apart from them makes me feel that they are even more precious.

— Yuta

It was extremely sweet, and you can watch some of the other members make gifts and speak to their parents below.