NCT’s Yuta Loves His Members So Much That He Keeps Them Close In This Unexpected Way

So, even idols do this…

Although NCT has many members, that doesn’t keep them from forming close bonds with each other.

And, Yuta loves them so much that there’s something he does to keep them close to his heart.

Whenever NCT has been filming behind the scenes footage, Yuta is always captured with this one thing on his phone.

He chooses a photo of one of his members as his lock screen, like the time Winwin‘s photo was used.

He was even captured with Mark as his next photo. It seems like he really cares about his members, so much that he has to have them right where he can see them.

And, he always seems to have one of his members on his phone for one reason or another. If that’s not true love, what is?