NCT’s Yuta Seeing Himself On Screen Is The Purest Form Of Happiness

That’s what an angel looks like.

NCT 127 watched their own music video for “Cherry Bomb” while completing FBE‘s “Try Not To Sing Challenge,” and they all had different reactions to seeing themselves.

Most of the members’ reactions were playful by pretending that they weren’t the people in the video. Mark said, “These guys look handsome,” while Haechan said, “I know him,” to refer to himself.

But, Yuta‘s was the purest of all. As soon as he saw himself, he shouted, “It’s me,” with the biggest smile known to man and laughed happily. Johnny joined the happiness parade by clapping and smiling along with him.

Yuta is one of the most upbeat members of the group, and his smile lights up even more when he’s excited. Watch this ball of sunshine’s reaction here.