An NCTzen Has Gone Viral For Her Cute And Relatable Video Call Fansign With NCT’s Mark

Netizens are loving her.

After NCT‘s latest round of video call fansigns, a particular video by NCTzen @papearparie on Twitter, has gone viral. The initial video of her singing TWICE‘s “Feel Special” to Mark has received over a million views!

@papearparie shared that she had chosen the song as it represented her feelings towards Mark, as well as how grateful she was for his presence. Soon enough, the video spread widely over social media as many found it both funny and adorable.

Her easy-going personality and natural humor shone through when she uploaded behind-the-scenes footage. Netizens were highly amused by the way her friends supported her and even threw paper confetti over her during the highlight of the song.

What really stole our hearts was the way she answered the call when it first connected! She was clearing her blocked nose with an inhaler to prepare for the call when it suddenly connected. Her startled cry was everything!

If we were Mark we would absolutely love to have a fan like her! Her videos went viral on theqoo as well, an online community in Korea.

  • “Wow she really prepared lots kkkk her voice sounds like she was shaking but when you watch it, she’s so incredible.”
  • “kkkk cute.”
  • “Ah kkkk cute.”
  • “Ah both of them are f*cking cute kkkk.”
  • “Bookmark.”
  • “kkkkkkkk.”
  • “Both are super cute.”
  • “She must be a real fan! Her voice was shaking while singing. I saw a gif of a fan putting a floral wreath on BLACKPINK‘s Jennie before and her hands were shaking so I was fascinated and jealous at how much they liked them.”
  • “I saw this fan’s reaction videos a few times and she’s so easygoing. The videocall fansign is so cute too.”
| theqoo

Many fans are thanking @papearparie for bringing Mark such joy during the short video call. We can safely say, we’re absolute fans of this girl too! Catch her full fan sign vlog below.

Source: theqoo