Fans Are Amazed At How NCT’s Renjun Handled A Nosebleed On Stage

Handling business like a pro!

In a recent Naver V Live video, NCT‘s Renjun shared the behind story of NCT Dream‘s stage on 2018 MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon.

During the NCT Dream’s last performance of 2018, fans noticed Renjun was breathing heavily and wiping his nose throughout the stage. Fans suspect he was crying or sniffling from a cold, but it turns out Renjun was having a nosebleed and he was wiping his nose to clean the blood.

Renjun explained,

“I had a nosebleed before I went up to the stage because our dormitory was so dried. I wiped off the blood and thought it was ok but as soon as I stood on stage, I felt the blood dripping down. I was like ‘what is this?’ and that’s why I had to take a big breath during my part. I couldn’t even sing properly. I felt bad since it was the last stage of the year.”


You can see the blood on his hand from the photos taken by his fans.

Renjun said he even forgot to move to his spot after he saw the blood dropping on the stage. However, fans couldn’t tell he made any mistakes on stage and impressed to see how Renjun was able to sing live during the situation.

You can see the whole situation from this fan-made video:

Source: dispatch