NCTzens Are Convinced NCT’s Taeyong Has The Best Photographer As A Home Master

She knows how to make him look good~

Home Masters AKA fansite masters boast fantastic photographer skills that exceeds the skills of professional photographers. Their love and devotion to their favorite idols allow them to capture the greatest moments on stage. Among many NCT fans, Taeyong seems to have one of the most talented photographers as his Home Master.

Fans shared the photos of Taeyong from the NCT127’s concert and couldn’t believe these were taken by a fan. The quality of the photos is better than the photos from the news media.

Fans call the photos from the 28th SMAs a work of art and wanted to know if the photos look good because Taeyong was so good looking or if the Home Master is just that good with her skills.


Even her detail skills are on point and eye-catching. NCTzens are commenting Taeyong is so lucky he has such a talented fan that can share his beauty with the world. They also think if she would make a portfolio with her photos, she would be hired in any photography studio in a heartbeat.

We don’t know what the future holds for this talented fan, but we will definitely continue to enjoy the wonderful photos of Taeyong in the meantime.

Source: Nate Pann