NCTzens Found A Video Of Yoon Jongshin Rapping NCT’s “Mad City” And Can’t Stop Listening To It

He’s got swag

A NCTzen shared a video of Yoon Jong Shin rapping NCT‘s Mad City they can’t believe how good he is.

NCT fans who weren’t aware of the performance were really confused why Yoon Jong Shin would not only perform the song but actually rap. The rap verses of Mad City are fast-paced and Yong Jong Shin was able to pull off the English verses. It was revealed he had some help with pre-recorded backtracks but the fact he was able to do any of it is still impressive.

The video was actually from September 2017, when Yoon Jong Shin performed NCT 127s Mad City rap verses at the Melody Forest Camp to fulfill the promise when the Naver TV‘s Snowball Project exceeded over 10 million views. NCT members Taeyong and Mark shared their gratitude and praise Yoon Jong Shin for performing their song. 

NCTzens can’t stop laughing at the clip but they are totally hooked on Yoon Jong Shin’s swag.

“I can’t stop thinking about Yoon Jong Shin’s Mad City

“I’m addicted to Yoon Jong Shin’s Mad City Now”

“Yoon Jong Shin can sing it better than me”

Yoon Jong Shin swore that was the last time he would rap in this lifetime but we think he should venture into the territory again! We need Yong Jong Shin and NCT Collaboration ASAP!!




Source: The Qoo