NCTzens Are A Little Disappointed With The Lack Of NCT 127 In The Remix Of Ava Max’s “So Am I”

Only 3 of the 10 members in the group were featured.

Fans were excited for NCT 127‘s latest U.S. collab with rising pop star Ava Max, but that excitement quickly turned to confusion once the track was released on July 3. It’s definitely a bop, but also not what was expected.

Although all 9 currently promoting members were pictured in the image teaser, only 3 members actually recorded the song: Taeyong, Mark, and Jaehyun. Taeyong and Mark share a rap verse, as they so often do, and Jaehyun sings background vocals for only one of the three choruses in the song.

It’s to be expected that NCT 127 would have a lesser part in the song as a featured group, but NCTzens were still definitely hoping for more.

Nevertheless, NCTzens are banding together to help the song do well. The hashtag #AVAxNCT127 has trended worldwide and the lyric video has gotten almost 60 thousand views within the first hour of being posted. Listen to the song below: