Come Be Mind Blown By NCT And Their Hipster Ways Of Making Hand Hearts

They’re the kings of fun heart signs!

K-Pop idols are always flashing their hand hearts to showcase their love for their fans. Over the years though, this “hand heart” has evolved – and NCT members have always been at the top of the trend, using the most hipster ways of such hearts!


Here’s Jeno, with a basic but classic finger heart. This is one of the easiest hearts to pull out for a quick pose…


… and there is room for improvisation as to where the heart can show up. Look how Jaehyun took the liberty of pulling it out of his armpit!


Jungwoo‘s hands-over-head heart is also an oldie but goodie. This heart has been around for ages, but fans love it nonetheless.


Then comes the range of funky fun hand hearts, presented by NCT members. Haechan‘s go-to heart is this one, using his index and middle fingers…


… and this is Lucas‘s variation! The secret to his hand heart is, though, looking as excited and happy as he does while showing it.


Doyoung‘s most awkward midair heart is also a NCTzen favorite. Look how Doyoung randomly pulls out two broken pieces of a heart and mends them together with the brightest smile on his face.


In case such flashy ways of the hand heart is too much, Winwin has this mini-heart that can make NCTzens drop all their UWUs.


Taeyong is leading the game with this trendiest way of doing the hand heart. Take note: the bigger the bite, the stronger the love!


In fact, if the love is simply too big and two fingers aren’t enough – use all ten like Chenle does. Here’s his cool hand heart trick, to send five hearts at a time. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s definitely worth the confusion.


Speaking of complicated, here is Jisung‘s hard-to-miss hand heart. This one requires mad flexibility, so make sure to do some finger yoga before attempting.


And perhaps the most complicated hand heart of all NCT’s hearts is this one by Mark. He looks like spell casting Dr. Strange with this funky heart – and fans absolutely adore how extra AF this is getting.


Here’s a close up, in case anyone wants to figure it out:


And of course, NCT is a hot mess when it comes to figuring out group hearts…


… but as long as the message gets across, it’s all good. We love you too, NCT! (Insert some weird hand heart here.)

Source: THEQOO