NCTzens Fully Appreciate NCT’s Security Guard And His Out-Of-This-World Reflex

“The guard did exactly what he should have done.”

When a clip of NCT 127 arriving at the Korean Incheon airport was put on the internet, NCTzens spotted a crazed “fan” running full speed, charging at the members. Fortunately, a security guard caught the female in time and blocked her from getting too close to the members. His “reflex” — and his successful body blocking of the woman — caught on camera is getting praise from NCTzens.


Back in July 2019, returning from Singapore, NCT 127 faced the usual crowd waiting at the airport to catch a glimpse of them. As the members walked out of the gate…


… a woman with a camera charged straight at the members, including Taeyong who was completely startled. The security guard up front noticed right before she could reach NCT 127 and blocked her with his shoulders. The female, from the speed at which she was charging, bounced off the guard’s body block. While the entire situation seemed hostile…


… NCTzens are praising the security guard for having a super fast reflex and for being aggressive in his protection of the members!


While NCT has had some trouble involving their security guards being “overprotective” and almost abusive of the fans, this time NCTzens are glad that the guard wasn’t shy to step up and do what he had to do!


Meanwhile, NCT continues to confront unruly “fans” at the airport. NCTzens are pointing out that these sasaeng-like fans (aggressive fans) must learn to respect their artists and give the members space and safety they deserve.

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Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO