You Need To Know About This Sexy Korean DJ Right Now

With her music and breathtaking beauty, this Korean DJ is captivating audiences both in and out of her native country.

The 31-year-old (Seriously?!) DJ Soda, whose real name is Hwang So Hee, has been gaining an incredible amount of popularity as a DJ at clubs in Korea and around the world.

For those into clubbing, DJ Soda has been one of the most recognizable personalities in the club scene.

Though her club mixes get peoples’ hearts pumping, her gorgeous visuals have also certainly caused many fans hearts to flutter.

Her performances and her eye-popping photo shoots have certainly gotten her a lot of attention from people around the globe.

In fact, DJ Soda had become so popular that she was invited by Major League Baseball to take part in the 2017 MLB All-Star Week Festivities in Miami, Florida, as a representative of Korea.

Close on the heels of this accomplishment, DJ Soda also became the first Korean artist to be introduced and perform on a popular BBC Radio show in Great Britain.

Behind her sexy, modern image and the glitz and glam of the club life, it turns out Ms. Hwang has a warm heart as well.

In 2016, she donated all of her earnings from a concert to provide assistance to adolescent girls who couldn’t afford to buy tampons and had to resort to using socks and shoe soles instead.

Wall of protest: advocating for girls who cannot afford to buy tampons for their menstruation.

Check out one of DJ Soda’s electronic hits from Billboard’s ELECTRIC ASIA Volume 1. Get a taste of this Sexy Soda!