Here’s What You Need To Marry SEVENTEEN’s DK, Confirmed By DK Himself

Alright then, off to find that…

At a recent SEVENTEEN fan meeting, a curious Carat handed DK a post-it that posed the question of the century…


… and DK had to share what he’s looking for in a woman worthy of his proposal!

I’m asking on behalf of the 21 billion future-DK-wife-wanna-bes worldwide. What does a woman need to have to marry DK?

— Carat


The fan explained DK gave the answer choices some serious thought…

1. A House
2. A Car
3. Money
4. A Pretty Face
5. A Pizza Restaurant Owning Father
6. A National Map of Good Pizza Restaurants
7. Other

— Carat


… before choosing this one:

6. A National Map of Good Pizza Restaurants

— DK


When the fan tweeted this post-it, it inevitably sent all Carats on the best pizza-finding adventure!

Source: THEQOO and Twitter