You Need A Squad That Will Hype You Up The Way BTS Members Did For V

Find yourself friends who’ll look at you the way BTS look at V.

BTS got to try out VR games for the latest episode of Run BTS! and ARMYs are learning the meaning of true friendship from the members’ reactions to V‘s virtual flight!


From the very beginning, the members were supportive. V actually wasn’t going to get a chance to test the virtual flight game, but J-Hope pushed V to give it a go. V hesitated a bit because the time was up, but J-Hope knew V wanted to try. With J-Hope’s passionate support, the members agreed to watch V fly.


As V took off on his virtual flight, Jungkook immediately glowed with admiration and commented that V looked like a natural, having fun on the ride. When Jimin commented that V looked good, even in the bulky VR mask, Jungkook chimed along and said that V looked like he was a part of some commercial!

Look, he’s having fun! It looks like he’s dancing! It’s like watching a commercial!

— Jungkook


V, kind of pumped up by his teammates’ words of love and support, began letting loose and having fun being himself. Even at the smallest gesture V made, the members got worked up and cheered on. Look how purely inspired Jimin looks by V’s flight!


When V really indulged himself and became one with his virtual self soaring through the valleys, RM began hyping V up again. RM pointed out that V looked like he was in control of the wind and called him the “Wind Prince”.

He’s enjoying the wind now. It’s like he’s in control of the breeze. He’s the prince of winds! With that hair color too! I’m going to start calling you the Wind Prince from now  on.

— RM


The members kept throwing words of encouragement and positivity at V – who, by this point, was too emerged in the game to be hearing much. Regardless, the members praised V’s gaming skills and his visual while at it.

No wonder you’re the #1 most handsome face in the world! Wow! Wanna fly across the sky? Try being me! V! R! Yes!



As soon as V landed, the members broke into a thunder of applause. They were completely amazed by how well V “flew” and couldn’t help but praise what a sight he had been to watch.

Okay, you were quite a picture!

— Jungkook

Wow, Taehyung. You were seriously so awesome!

— J-Hope

You’ve just become a whole new genre of VR now!

— RM


V looked completely satisfied with his experience. With that said, ARMYs are thoroughly inspired by how the rest of BTS member were so unconditionally supportive of each other. Fans are playfully commenting that they need to find themselves friends who’ll hype them up like the members hyped up V!

Here’s the squad goal – watch and learn: