You Need To Watch This Rookie Idol Show Off Her Moves In Black Tights

Lovelyz’s Yein literally made jaws drop when she showed off just how talented she was in black tights!

On Channel A’s Singderela, Yein proved that she is a multi-talented idol by showcasing her rhythmic gymnastic skills.

And what happened next really shocked the cast, viewers, and audience!

Yein showed up in a black tight spandex suit, looking like a black swan and moved like one too!

She even utilized cartwheel moves into the routine while having complete control of her ribbon.

Her excellent talent even shocked her fellow Lovelyz teammates, as they were in awe of Yein’s majestic performance.

Everyone complimented Yein on her astounding skills as she finished the routine in the most perfect way!

Watch the full clip of Yein’s ribbon routine below: