BTS Donates 100 Million Won to Sewol Ferry Victims’ Families

BTS has donated a very generous 100 million Won (approximately $85,100 USD) to the 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society organization.

BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment revealed that each of the members donated 10 million Won (70 million Won in total), and their agency donated 30 million Won, amounting to a grand total of 100 million Won in donations.

Despite the controversies surrounding the true situation of what happened behind the Sewol Ferry incident, BTS’s actions have shifted the negative attention to a positive one with their incredible generosity.

Furthermore, BTS’s fandom had previously donated relief goods to Jindo, the closest city to where the Sewol Ferry capsized and sank.

Originally, BTS had made the donation privately, and had made the donation directly to the 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society organization, however word got out to the media.

Source: Herald Corporation