IU’s sweet message to fan sitting their college entrance exams

IU recently uploaded a post for her fans in her official fan cafe and even posted a reply to one special fan’s comment.

She posted about sharing one’s fortune with others and spreading good luck wherever one went.

One fan, however, was studying for the Korean entrance exams (sooneung), so she wrote:

“I’m sorry but…! I’m in my senior year this year so I can’t share my luck with you.. It’s overwhelming to maintain the luck that I have now 😭 Next year when you share your luck, I’ll give you all the luck that you need to share 😍”

In response, IU left a comment that asked her fans to share their luck with the senior fan, in which they all did!

“Let’s share some of our luck under this reply.”

— IU

IU and her fans’ caring and kindness for each other is truly admirable!

Source: Insight