Nepal’s Most Popular English Newspaper Obsesses Over Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is so widely beloved that a newspaper in Nepal – The Himalayan – dedicated an entire couple pages to the man and his career.

The article, entitled “THE BO-GUM MAGIC” went into the life of Park Bo Gum, his childhood, and his start.

It even talked about his time as a pianist in his church choir, to his stint on the swimming varsity team at Seoul Mokdong Missle School!

The spread also went into detail about Bo Gum’s kind nature and go getter attitude on his film sets and in life. 

“I believe every person I meet through each project is a role model.

I learn not only acting skills but also life wisdom through them.”

– Park Bo Gum

The article even went on to discuss Park Bo Gum’s intense adoration in Korea and explained that his coworkers all adore him. Park Bo Gum is truly loved around the world!

Source: Dispatch