The Blood In “The Glory” May Look Real, But An Actor Exposes What It’s Really Made Of

It made it a bit difficult to film one particular scene.

Netflix‘s revenge drama The Glory has more than a few scenes where things take a gory turn. Although the blood looks realistic, an actor revealed the unexpected material it’s really made of.

When looking back on the K-Drama, actor Park Sung Hoon recalled filming a winter scene in the summer and did so covered in fake blood. Because of what the blood was made of, filming was tricky.

Park Sung Hoon revealed the blood was “made of sugar” and quickly “attracted bugs” in the hot weather.

From how well the scene turned out, no one would’ve expected how rough filming with the fake blood had been for Park Sung Hoon.

Park Sung Hoon

Listen to Park Sung Hoon talk about the unexpected downside of wearing fake blood in hot weather.

The Glory