Netflix Korea Called Out EXO’s Xiumin And EXO-Ls Are Loving It

Touché, Netflix.

EXO’s Xiumin is known for his ability to sell out anything that is affiliated to his name. It seems like Netflix Korea got the memo and they have aced the marketing 101 class.

In the recently released ElyXiOn Live album, Xiumin revealed he spends most of his time at home on Netflix, watching The Flash and Arrow.

DO: “You spend a lot of time alone at home, what do you do?

XI: “I’m into Netflix nowadays. I’m watching <The Flash> and <Arrow> in a marathon. 1 episode of the Arrow is 50 minutes, and they have 23 episodes each season so it takes me 115 hours to watch all 6 seasons. I’m having the ‘Netflix Life’.”


It seems like someone from the social media marketing team was an EXO-L who read the interview who came up with the brilliant idea to appeal to Xiumin directly.


“Xiumin(@e_xiu_o)! We thought you would like this. What do you think about  <DC Titan>? It’s 45mins per episode, so it will take you 8 hours to see the whole 11 episodes in season 1. #netflixAI”

And the strategy is working! Many EXO-Ls are subscribing to Netflix Korea and applauding the marketing genius who came up with the idea.

Xiumin is a person who makes the ex-netflix-subscribers return for some more. Renewing my subscriptions now. You Netflix people really know something or two.

I subscribed to Netflix because of Xiumin~ You guys know what you’re doing. Off to my binge!

I began my subscription day before yesterday after reading the interview. Let’s go for Xiumin x Netflix variety show


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