The Scariest “The Glory” Scene To Film, According To Actor Lee Do Hyun

He was just as scared as the viewers.

Because viewers want to know everything about The GloryCosmopolitan Korea asked Lee Do Hyun if there were any memorable episodes from filming the K-Drama.

The actor delivered by sharing one of the scariest scenes he filmed.

Lee Do Hyun on the set of “The Glory.” | @ldh_sky/Instagram

When looking back on filming, Lee Do Hyun realized the characters were a new experience for him. He admitted, “I never had the opportunity to meet actors who played the roles of bullies.

He remembered the particular scene where Yeon Jin and Hye Jeong visited his character’s clinic, and “they fought each other” in front of him. Funnily enough, the fight scene was only their second meeting. Lee Do Hyun said, “Besides one rehearsal, it was my first time seeing them.

In fact, the fight was so realistic that Lee Do Hyun couldn’t help feeling intimidated by his fellow actors. He said, “Watching the whole thing, I was looking down during the entire scene. I was very scared at the time.

If Lee Do Hyun was scared by the realistic acting of his castmates, they genuinely put their all into filming the K-Drama.

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