Yun Sung Bin From Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Made Fun Of His Own Strategy In The Ship Challenge, But Fans Found It Hot AF

Sung Bin, please 🥵

Netflix‘s Physical: 100 is the latest show to gain popularity world wide. The Korean survival program pits one hundred physically fit men and women in a series of battles to find out which physique is the most ideal.

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Contestants were also given the chance to comment on the episodes in Netflix Korea‘s YouTube account, the latest being Episodes 7-8. Here, skeleton racer Yun Sung Bin admitted that his team’s strategy in the boat challenge was flawed.

They were tasked to pull a heavy ship several meters forward using only their bodyweight and rope. When his team’s scene began playing in front of them, the five commentators couldn’t help but laugh at the way Sung Bin tied the rope around his waist

He was the only one who did so, with the rest pulling it using their hands.

Sung Bin admitted that it was not the best strategy in mind. He agreed with Jo Jin Hyeong‘s words that it was strange how none of the members were pushing the boat itself to propel it forward.

Jo Jin Hyeong: Why was everyone on your team holding onto the rope?

Sung Bin: We were slow because we were stupid…I was stupid.

Besides being unproductive, the hip pulling move was revealed to be painful as well.

My hips were all grazed after that.

— Sung Bin

Fans, on the other hand, had only good things to say about Sung Bin’s strategy. They took to Twitter to post hilarious commentaries on the scene.

Though many netizens agreed that the team lacked foresight into the advantages of moving the boat from the back rather than the front, they were still happily distracted by Sung Bin the entire time.

The general consensus was that the hotness of his actions was undeniable.

Check out the full video below to learn more about Physical: 100 in the perspective of the contestants!

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