The Dark “Unlocked” Scene That Made The Cast And Staff Cry When Filming

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

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The main cast and director of Netflix‘s thriller Unlocked shared some behind-the-scenes moments from filming, including a scene that made everyone emotional when shooting the film.

Sometimes a script is so powerful that an actor feels the characters’ emotions. Actor Kim Hee Won was in that position and admitted, “I was reading the script with Director Kim Tae Joon once. I cried while reading it.

The part of the script Kim Hee Won read was the scene where his character saw a photo of his dead son and immediately “felt guilty that he caused his son’s death.” Kim Hee Won “couldn’t stand it even now” when discussing the scene and wasn’t the only one.

Director Kim Tae Joon recalled everyone on set trying to hold back their tears when filming the heartbreaking scene. He said, “When he held the photo of his son on the smartphone, as if it were a person, I remember everyone on set was sniffling.

Everyone felt the pain of a father losing his son over a single mistake. Listen to the cast and director discuss the sad scene.

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