The Tiny Detail In “Unlocked” Everyone Missed, Causing Dangerous Consequences

It hinted at a significant plot point backfiring.

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Keeping their string of hit Korean releases going, Netflix released a thriller based on Akira Shiga‘s Japanese novel Stolen Identity, which also inspired two Japanese films of the same name. The Korean version, Unlocked, stars Im Si Wan as a serial killer and Chun Woo Hee as a woman who becomes his target after losing her cell phone—which ends up in his hands.

Although the movie immediately rose to the top of the platform’s ranking for trending films, there’s one small detail that many viewers missed, leading to dangerous consequences for the movie’s protagonist Lee Na Mi.

Chun Woo Hee

In the movie, Na Mi believed she could shake off Oh Jun Yeong by switching to a spare phone, hoping it was safer. Her plan backfired. A tiny detail revealed why.

Im Si Wan

Earlier in the movie, Jun Yeong breaks into Na Mi’s apartment and goes through her belongings. He found her spare phone, hinting that he also installed spyware on it. So when Na Mi switched to the spare later on, Jun Yeong could still stalk her.

Oh Jun Yeong finding the spare phone. | Netflix

Jun Yeong ensured he could always keep tabs on Na Mi from the start.

| Netflix