Netizen Claims They Were Bullied By APRIL’s Naeun, Company To Take Legal Action

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On July 22, an online community board post regarding APRIL’s Naeun was revealed and gained much attention online. Netizen A who claims they attended the same elementary school as Naeun, stated that they were bullied by her during that time.

| DSP Media

The post read, “Due to what I went through in elementary school, I cried and made a fuss a lot of the time. So even now, my mom grits her teeth whenever she sees Naeun on TV.” The post claimed that they were bullied by Naeun as well as another friend.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

They added that the three of them used to be close friends until one day they started to bully her. “Due to my shy personality I wasn’t able to ask the reason why they started to bully me and became depressed. Then one day, Naeun pointed towards me and said ‘She’s like a handicap’ and rated my face and body.”

The netizen revealed that they didn’t bring this to light all this time because they didn’t like the idea of being assumed. “Every time I see Naeun’s face I am reminded of my past memories. She might have said it jokingly but to me it was a big wound. I hope that you don’t forget that this is something that you did.” The netizen hopes to receive an apology for the trauma she has faced through bullying.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

In response to these alleged claims, DSP Media have stated, “The rumors are false and we will be collecting all related data and take legal action.”

APRIL will be releasing their summer special single Hello Summer on July 29.

Source: star news and idolworld
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