Netizen detectives discover BTS members share all their clothing

The members of BTS are such close friends with each other that they often share clothes with one another.

In addition to fun moments together from on stage and during other scheduled activities, BTS has proven time and time again that they’re one of the closest group of friends among idol groups. In fact, the seven members are so close that they’ve even been spotted sharing the same articles of clothing on different occasions.

While roommates might occasionally wear each other’s clothes on accident, fans have caught more than just a few instances where the members swapped outfits. With all the members appearing to be roughly the same size, it seems that they’re not opposed to sharing clothing with each other, proving their close friendship.

Check out four times BTS members were caught sharing clothes below: 

J-Hope and V

J-Hope was spotted on the recent episode of Idol Party wearing a colorful sleeved sweater.
V was spotted in the same exact sweater for a photoshoot.

Jimin and Jungkook


Jimin was wearing a navy green bomber jacket as he shopped with fellow group member Jin.
Jungkook appeared on V-live wearing the same bomber jacket that Jimin had worn.


Jimin wore this blue colored Supreme hoodie to keep himself warm during shooting for their teaser photos.
Jimin gave Jungkook the supreme hoodie so the maknae could be warm as well.
Jungkook took selfies wearing the same hoodie.

Rap Monster and Jin

Jin wore this black t-shirt with bold wording on the front.
Rap Monster also wore the same t-shirt during a performance.