Netizen Makes Post Asking For BTS’s Personal Instagram Accounts, ARMY Comes Through To Protect Them

“Do not be a sasaeng and try to get into their offstage, offcamera, PERSONAL PRIVATE LIVES.”

A netizen made a post on a community bulletin board and asked for the personal Instagram accounts of each BTS member, and ARMY united to protect their boys!

While one user went into detail about speculation and theories about Jungkook‘s personal Instagram account, many ARMY went on to express their disapproval for anyone seeking this type of knowledge as it crosses the line from being a fan to being a sasaeng. Comments condemning the asker include this response, reminding the asker that BTS deserves privacy.

I think BTS deserves privacy. I mean if I became famous I’d create a new account and have my old account go private so I can just have my friends follow it. So I feel like BTS fans sometimes go a bit overboard… like poor BTS

—Aleyi Mai, Quora user

Source: Quora

Another ARMY seconded that opinion, stating that intruding into their personal, private lives would make them a sasaeng and that fans should be satisfied with the information idols are willing to share.

you absolutely do not need to know this information

If he has one he hasn’t told the fans about then HE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW.

Its personal. it’s private.

do not be a sasaeng and try to get into their offstage, offcamera, PERSONAL PRIVATE LIVES

The only things you ,as a fan need to know, is what information the idols themselves provide to you. That is all they want you to know. Therefore you do not need to be trying to know more.

—Jaxie MacGregor, Quora user

Source: Quora

These aren’t the only two comments like this… Many ARMY expressed their displeasure, whether through comments or upvoting comments that already shared their sentiment.

BTS are fortunate to have a fan base who protects them and considers their thoughts and feelings as people, not just idols.

Source: Quora