A Netizen Shares Their Thoughts On Why People On The Internet Lie About Being Trainees

You’ve seen posts where people pretend to be trainees. But why do they do it?

They say “everyone lies” and “don’t believe everything you read on the Internet“. While both are very general, sweeping statements, there is undeniably a ring of truth to them.

K-Pop trainees crying

There are many people who claim to be K-Pop trainees, whether former or current, on internet forums or in YouTube videos. But why? What do they gain from it? One K-Pop fan, Aspry Wright, shares his thoughts on why, and it’s surprisingly simple to understand. He says:

Let’s jump back several years. I was a young teenager teaching myself how to dance in my bedroom. My friends and I had signed up to be in the school talent show and we had two months to prepare a routine. But I couldn’t dance.

That sounds like a problem, right? But, he found a creative way to solve it!

I let the television be my dance teacher. All the videos on Yo! MTV Raps, all the TV shows like “Soul Train.” I watched them tirelessly and I learned to dance. We aced the talent show. Killed it.

After that, he explains he gained a reputation around school as being a great dancer.

Dahyun’s iconic “eagle dance”

I gained a reputation around school as a great dancer. Did I stop watching “Soul Train?” Nope. I was done learning but I wasn’t done watching. You see, I was in love with one of the dancers. She would later become semi well-known as B-list actress Rosie Perez. But, at the time, I was crazy into her. I loved seeing her move on the stages.

Because he watched so many programs to help him learn to dance, he eventually became a true fan of those shows, and by extension of the dancers.

And what did I do? I told people that I knew her. Some elaborate story made it feasible that I could indeed have a friendly relationship with a nameless “Soul Train” dancer. As far as people I cared to lie to understood it, Rosie and I were good friends. I wasn’t expecting her to get famous. Thankfully nobody ever called me on my bullshit.

Rosie Perez

He goes on to say that he pretended to be good friends with Rosie because he was hopelessly in love with her, and allowed himself to indulge in his childhood fantasy.

Why did I do that? Because I was in love with her and let myself fall into a harmless schoolboy fantasy. I wanted it to be true so bad that creating a mild delusion somehow gave me a shot of happiness. I’m positive other kids were doing it too because I can spot a lie from a universe away. I told myself it was okay and it was no big deal. I even named my guitar “Rosie.”

He wraps everything up by saying that’s why he thinks people lie about being K-Pop trainees and that someday they’ll look back and laugh about it.

Source: Quora