Netizen Wanted To Know What Would Happen If BLACKPINK And BTS Met, ARMY Gives Hilarious Tongue-In-Cheek Response

Well, that escalated quickly! (Or did it?)

When a netizen posted a somewhat silly question to the Internet question board Quora asking “What happens if BTS and Blackpink meet?” they probably didn’t expect this answer. And, while it’s not clear what kind of response the user was hoping for, what they got was an A+ tongue-in-cheek response from a funny ARMY.

The ARMY, Celine, said: “War.

Without reading on, it’s difficult to tell if she’s being facetious or not, and she certainly included a great shot to accompany her caption!

She went on to say: “Look at J-Hope’s anger. He’s ready to fight.

Jin is appalled that they have to stand on the same stage as them.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious where she’s going…

V glaring daggers at the girls who thought they could overthrow them.

Lisa is disgusted by Yoongi.

She brings everything to a head by saying: “Rose vows vengeance against the boys that stole her crown. BTS and Blackpink are ready to go to war, Blinks and ARMYs at their side. Only one will emerge victorious.

Yeah, so, she was obviously joking! After all, this isn’t The Hunger Games!

Now, if you haven’t realized yet, this was a joke. Blackpink and BTS have met millions of times before, and they’ve been nothing but respectful. They cheer each other on and support their hard work. They acknowledge each other as hardworking and clap for them.

—Celine, K-Pop fan

She wraps things up by saying:

Blackpink and BTS are not enemies. They are not competitors. Both groups are talented artists who can appreciate others. Stop pitting them against each other and fight this fan war that none of the members asked for. They support and help each other as fellow musicians, nothing more or less.

—Celine, K-Pop fan

She’s right, isn’t she? Why pick a side when you can stan both? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What do you think of her answer? Did it make you laugh?

Source: Quora