Netizens accuse Chaeyeon of lying about surgery after discovering new evidence of her operations

Although she admitted to having had plastic surgery on a recent television broadcast, I.O.I and DIA member Chaeyeon has been accused of lying about just how much work she’s had done. On the show, Chaeyeon confessed that she had received cosmetic surgery on her nose, but affirmed that her double-eyelids were completely natural. And while some fans praised Chaeyeon for her honesty regarding her nose surgery, others criticized her and accused her of lying about having natural double-eyelids.

In fact, a post on Pann has claimed to have solid proof that Chaeyeon’s double-eyelids are a result of surgery, pointing out what appears to be surgery scars on her eyelids.





Source: Pann

Watch Chaeyeon perform Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World” on Produce 101 below: