Netizens Accused This Female Idol Of Photoshopping Her Photo, But She Came Back With Receipts

“Where in the world did you edit this that the pole became bent like that.”

Netizens have recently been accusing Narsha of having done too much photoshop on her photo.


The photo that brought about these accusations had a telephone pole in the background which looked bent.


This is apparently a sign that photoshop has been done. Here is a picture of a man before being edited.


Now here is the same photo, which has been edited. Notice how the man’s face and head became smaller while the background became slightly distorted.


It seems that netizens were convinced the telephone pole in Narsha’s photo also became distorted in the same way, while being photoshopped.

  • “Where in the world did you edit this that the pole became bent like that.”
  • “How did you photoshop this photo to make that pole an S-line?”
  • “She must’ve erased her cigarette.”


As a result, Night of TV Entertainment took it upon themselves to investigate the case. They brought in an expert to take a look at the photo but according to the man, the photo didn’t look like it was photoshopped.

“If the photo was edited, the horizontal and vertical lines should have moved together. The windowsill or the lines along the wall should have been bent as well. The eaves too. But they’re not bent at all.” ㅡ Image Expert


To confirm, a reporter went out to the site of the photo himself to check it out and it turns out, the image wasn’t photoshopped after all! The telephone pole was really bent!


The pole was apparently made this way to avoid letting the high-voltage wires from touching the buildings.


When asked how she felt about the situation, Narsha simply laughed and said it was the first time she got an interview because of a telephone pole!

“This is the first time in the 13 years since my debut that I’m doing an interview thanks to a telephone pole. It was just fun.” ㅡ Narsha


She added that she even felt good about the response, taking it as a sign that the netizens thought she looked pretty in the photo.

“In fact, I even felt good about it. I thought it meant the picture was very pretty so right now, I’m just enjoying the situation, the reaction from the people around me.” ㅡ Narsha


And the results of a final screen test? …Pass! It seems that Narsha is just as beautiful in real life as in her photos (which have not been photoshopped)!

Source: Naver TV
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