Netizens Accuse Rookie Group Of Copying TWICE’s Style, But ONCEs Are Defending Them

ONCEs think it’s sweet!

While they’ve already gained a lot of love and attention since their debut earlier this year, rookie girl group DreamNote has recently attracted the attention of netizens online.


A couple of weeks ago, DreamNote appeared on Inkigayo to sing their song “DREAM NOTE”. While they certainly left the crowd cheering with their amazing performance…


Some netizens noticed that their outfits bore a striking similarity to one of the top girl groups in Korea, TWICE.


The sporty mint outfits worn by DreamNote…


Looked similar to those worn by the members of TWICE during their “Cheer Up” era.


Some netizens haven’t been very happy with the particular choice of clothing and have been calling out their stylists for going with a similar theme.

  • “Besides the fact that they have no stripes, this is so similar.”

  • “Their costumes really do look like TWICE.”

  • “It’s like a more childish version of TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’ outfits.”

  • “I like this group but I feel like their going to get a bad image because of their coordis.”


But many, many more netizens think it’s not an issue at all.

  • “But aren’t outfits like those common?”

  • “As much as they look similar, this type of outfit seems pretty common with girl groups. This is such a non-issue.”

  • “These days newer groups seem to be following TWICE but it’s not like that’s a bad thing!”

  • “This is really a non-issue. They even wore those same clothes in a different color set a different time.”


In fact, some ONCEs have even stated their flattered the rookie girl group is taking a page from their bias group!

  • “I’m a Once and this shouldn’t even be an issue. This is not something our fandom would do ~”

  • “I don’t think this is really a problem. I’m a ONCE and we’re really not talking about this at all.”

  • “ONCEs know how it feels when other fandoms gang up on other groups because of similar styles. We won’t do the same to other girl groups. I’m 100% positive this issue wasn’t even made by a ONCE.”

  • “This is not a problem for us at all. I actually find it adorable that new groups are taking inspiration from TWICE.”


So even though some netizens think this is an issue, the majority think it’s not an issue and even ONCEs think this is actually pretty sweet.