Netizens Mistake Aiki’s Official TikTok For A Fan Account After She Posts Stray Kids’ Felix Edit

She proposed that they resemble each other.

Netizens wondered if Aiki‘s official TikTok was a fan account after a video featuring Stray KidsFelix was posted.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Aiki is a famous dancer and choreographer best known for Street Woman Fighter. 

Recently, she shared an edited video of herself and none other than Stay Kids’ Felix. She captioned it, “Do I look like him? #felix,” referencing their slight resemblance.


Do I look like him? #felix 😀

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Many netizens responded to her question. Some suggested they were not doppelgangers but appeared like relatives.

| @aiki_kr/TikTok

Others were just greatly amused that she posted what appeared to be a fan edit. Some even mistook her account for a fan page at first.

| @aiki_kr/TikTok

Some asked if she saved fan edits of Felix to create her own video. Looking at the video, all the clips had either watermarks or others’ TikTok handles on them, so the answer would be “yes.”

Source: aiki_kr

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