Netizens Analyze The Differences Between Korean & Japanese Makeup Styles

Netizens have taken the liberty to share their analysis on the differences and similarities between Korean and Japanese makeup.

Bloggers revealed some key points that made Korean makeup and Japanese makeup different along with some key examples of each style. Korean makeup emphasizes dewy and bright skin, straight eyebrows, red lips, and light to no blush at all. On the other hand, Japanese makeup focuses on soft and matte skin, a rich blush color on cheeks, and a lighter pink lip color.

Take a look at the examples they provided here:


korean 1

korean 2

korean 3

korean 4

korean 5

korean 6

korean 7

korean 8

korean 9

korean 10


japanese 1

japanese 2

japanese 3

japanese 4

japanese 5

japanese 6

japanese 7

japanese 8

japanese 9

japanese 11


Source: Instiz