Korean Netizens Bash TWICE’s Mina, Sana, And Momo For Speaking Japanese On V APP

The opinions among Korean netizens were split.

TWICE‘s Japanese members, Mina, Sana, and Momo, recently held a live broadcast on V APP, where they spoke Japanese amongst each other.


They began the broadcast by speaking Korean but soon began conversing in Japanese. After watching their broadcast, Korean netizens began criticizing them for speaking in a language other than Korean.

  • “After 2~3 minutes, the members kept talking in Japanese. V App is mostly used by Korean fans so I was frustrated.”
  • “Korean fans had to wait until the subs were released. They didn’t know why they were laughing with each other until they saw the subs the next day.”
  • “I’m a fan of TWICE but for some reason I felt bad while watching this v live.”
  • “The problem is that they only spoke Japanese for so long. What kind of K-Pop idols come on live broadcasts to speak in a different language. I can just imagine the three of them in a clique amongst the members. I’m not saying having Japanese members in TWICE is bad but that K-Pop is going downhill because of Japanese members.”


Many Korean netizens argued that V APP is mostly used by Korean fans. They claimed that it was inconsiderate for the members to talk in a language they didn’t understand.

  • “They’re basically telling Korean fans, learn Japanese~~”
  • “If you’re going to come to Korea to earn money, you should speak Korean.”
  • “They could have translated here and there to keep the Korean fans in loop but…”


Some argued that as K-Pop idols, they should be conversing with their fans in Korean.

  • “Wasn’t TWICE a K-Pop group?”
  • “Don’t put in Japanese members in K-Pop groups if they’re only going to speak Japanese.”
  • “I mean, why even have so many foreign members in the first place?”
  • “I just don’t want them to speak another language other than Korean. They don’t have family here. They’re basically here to make money and go, so its barely enough even if they say ‘I love Korea’ in Korean.”


After the video became a hot issue among Korean netizens, fans quickly stepped in to defend the members. They clarified that the members did try to translate for their Korean fans.

  • “They spoke Korean for most of it and each of the members helped translate in between so what’s the big deal?”
  • “They got a lot of comments from Japanese fans so they responded in Japanese. When they received Korean comments, they responded in Korean. As someone who saw this video in real time, I didn’t feel offended at all.”
  • “The fans are fine with it so why are non-fans causing issues over this?”


They also pointed out that it shouldn’t be a big deal for them to speak their native language because TWICE has fans from all over the world!

  • “ONCEs aren’t just one nationality. They’re Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and every other nationality. Why the big fuss about them using their native language?”
  • “It wasn’t even a TV broadcast. V Live is a place where idols just be themselves, so what’s the big deal if they speak in their comfortable language? If you can’t understand and don’t like it, just don’t watch it.”
  • “Them speaking Japanese is as natural as any Korean speaking Korean when they’re only among Koreans.”
  • “I feel like if 3 Korean members were doing a broadcast in a foreign country, they would have done the same by speaking a lot of Korean. Even I get antsy wanting to speak Korean when I’m in a foreign country. They don’t even do this often so don’t make this a big deal.”


Check out clips from Sana, Mino and Momo’s live broadcast below:

Source: Nate Pann