Netizens Can’t Figure Out Which K-Pop Idol Is In This Viral Photograph — Here’s The Answer

The photo is over two years old and still baffles netizens!

A photograph of a K-Pop girl group member has resurfaced on an online Korean community board and netizens can’t seem to agree on her identity!

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This picture of an idol with long black hair, likely walking through an airport, had netizens stumped — though they narrowed it down to three possibilities. Some believed it’s IZ*ONE leader and current soloist Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eunbi. | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

…while others saw Red Velvet‘s leader Irene, who’s also known for her stunning visuals

Irene from Red Velvet. | @renebaebae/Instagram

and the third option is MAMAMOO‘s multi-talented Wheein!

Wheein from MAMAMOO. | @whee_inthemood/Instagram

Some comments even pointed out YGX‘s Leejung Lee as someone who could be seen in this picture, and honestly, we kind of see it.

Dancer Leejung Lee. | @leejung_lee/Instagram

Hundreds of netizens have shared their guesses about who this mystery idol could be!

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  • “483. So who is it?? To me, I can’t see anyone besides Wheein.”
  • “484. I think it’s Irene…”
  • “485. Maybe Wheein…? BUT I could see Kwon Eunbi.”
  • “486. I don’t see Irene at all though?”
  • “487. It’s Wheein!”
  • “488. It looks like Irene.”
  • “489. Our Wheein-ie ♥”

The answer?




It’s none other than MAMAMOO’s talented, irreplaceable Wheein!

| whee_inthemood/Instagram

The original photo was taken while the group was at Incheon Airport, about to board a flight headed to Hong Kong for their 2019 4Seasons F/W Concert. When looking at different angles, it’s totally obvious that this is Wheein, especially with her gorgeous round eyes and soft brows.

| @Berrywine_417/Twitter

Even though the original photograph is from over two years ago, it seems like it will continue resurfacing to test everyone’s girl group knowledge! Check out some more ways to test your K-Pop expertise below.

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