Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of BTS Jungkook’s Bare-Faced Visuals

He’s got it all!

Recently, an online community shared photos of BTS’s Jungkook from the most recent season of JTBC‘s In the SOOP, and couldn’t stop talking about his fresh bare-faced visuals. Although he exudes confidence and charisma on stage, he’s just the opposite when he’s relaxing with the members.

| In The SOOP/Weverse

Whether he’s cooking, lounging around, or doing outdoor activities, his visuals are always on point!

| In The SOOP/Weverse

His visuals are no joke even with no make-up and hair done!

| In The SOOP/Weverse

Jungkook could just be standing in his pajamas and be instant photo shoot material!

| In The SOOP/Weverse

We also can’t forget about his amazing proportions and physique!

| In The SOOP/Weverse

This man’s just got it all…

…talent and visuals!

Netizens couldn’t help but be in awe of his visuals as well!

  • “I’m a sucker for bare-faced Jungkook! It’s so different from when he’s on stage.”
  • “He’s is truly a legend, he’s so handsome.”
  • “His bare-faced visual is so pure and pretty I wanted to capture all the scenes.”

Source: nate pann