Netizens Claim To Have Proof That Jessica And Krsytal Had Liposuction

Even in an industry full of incredibly fit and athletic idols, sisters Jessica and Krystal have been praised for their beautifully-shaped legs. 

But while the Jung sisters have consistently attributed their legs to strict diet and exercise, anti-fans have claimed to discover proof that they’ve achieved their slim legs through cosmetic procedures rather than natural hard work and effort.

According to the malicious Pann post, both Jessica and Krystal have been seen with odd markings on their legs, coincidentally at the same positioning on the knees, calves, and ankles as advertised on liposuction charts. After seeing the post, however, fans came to defend the sisters, pointing out that in addition to having thin legs, the girls have also been known to have very toned abs, which cannot be produced through surgery, proving how hard they work out and diet.



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Source: Pann