Netizens Compare Super Junior Heechul’s New Hair To A Surprising Disney Princess

It seems like Heechul does what he likes to his looks regardless of the reaction that could follow.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known in the K-Pop industry for his seemingly everlasting good looks.

Super Junior’s Heechul | @SJofficial/Twitter

Even when the group had just debuted, he was known as one of the most handsome idols.

Heechul in Super Junior’s “Dancing Out” music video in 2006 | SMTOWN/YouTube

Recently, fans of Heechul were shocked by his new hairstyle.

There were some mixed reactions, for sure.

Many fans also noticed that his new look bore a striking resemblance to a particular Disney princess, Merida, from Brave!

The best part was ELFs remembering this isn’t the first unconventional hairstyle Heechul has tried.

Knowing Heechul’s carefree attitude, he probably feels perfectly confident with his new look and will continue to try unusual styles in the future.

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