Netizens Are Comparing WANNA ONE and X1 Because Of This One Thing

There’s one difference that sets them apart.

WANNA ONE and X1 may have both come from Mnet’s popular Produce Series, but the two have one distinct difference that K-Netizens can’t stop talking about.

The key difference is the support from the trainee’s original companies.

Netizens noted that Plan A Entertainment and Starship Entertainment, among others, are actively posting about their trainees in X1.

Netizens pointed out that this was an unusual case.

It’s seriously so different from Wanna One, it’s my first time seeing their company mentioning them so freely.

— Korean Netizen

According to them, WANNA ONE used to have exclusive social media presence with CJ E&M.

Wow during Wanna One’s days they couldn’t even dare mention each otherㅋㅋㅋ.

— Korean Netizen

Minhyun, in particular, hardly had any interaction with his original group NU’EST.

Hwang Minhyun is the only pitiful one here…

— Korean Netizen

Nu’est are the real pitiful ones

— Korean Netizen

But Guanlin was allowed to attend Cube concert during Wanna One too no?? They only made it hard for Hwang Minhyun and Nu’est

— Korean Netizen

What do you think about this difference?

Source: Nate