Netizens compile evidence that Taeyeon is in love with coffee

In our reverie, we often forget that our favorite idols are, in many ways, just like us. That’s what makes Taeyeon‘s recently noticed habit so relatable.

After she was seen making cookies and drinking coffee at the Sum Café, fans started to notice just how often Taeyeon can be seen drinking coffee! In fact, she actually seems to be a bit of a coffee fanatic. While it’s not uncommon for idols to drink coffee for its energy boosting properties, Taeyeon seems to genuinely enjoy her coffee.

Taeyeon 1

In fact, Taeyeon’s love of coffee is so great that she is often caught on camera with one in her hand.

Taeyeon 2

Whether sitting down or on the go, Taeyeon always seems to have a cup of joe.

Taeyeon 3

It appears Taeyeon’s love of coffee is not just limited to the hot kind, she’s also been spotted with an iced coffee in her hand.

Taeyeon - Coffee

She even loves the smell.

Taeyeon 4

Taeyeon’s coffee habit is one thing among many that make her so relatable.