Netizens Discovered A Photo That Contains 5 Idols Predebut And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Not one, not two, but five!

It’s not uncommon for fans to find photos containing more than one predebut idol together, but netizens recently discovered, or really rediscovered, one photo that contains so many predebut idols that everyone’s flipping out!


A few years back, one school photo of classmates from the Hanlim Arts School caught attention online because fans recognized PENTAGON‘s Kino and GOT7‘s Yugyeom in the photo.


But it turns out Kino and Yugyeom weren’t the only two idols in the photo as fans discovered not too long ago. When the photo recently resurfaced online it quickly went viral because of how many predebut idols were spotted in it! Netizens were able to identify THE BOYZHyunjae


AB6IX‘s Woong


And UNIQ‘s Seungyeon (aka WOODZ) who is currently participating on Produce X 101!


With not one, not two, but five idols in one photo, netizens have been freaking out over the impressive class picture!


The power this photo holds!