K-Netizen Defends Kim Yuna From Double Eyelid Surgery Accusations With Evidence

“With or without them, she’s a goddess.”

Recently, in an online community, Korean netizens discussed how Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna‘s double eyelids have changed throughout the years.

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On September 18, a post titled “Kim Yuna’s Double Eyelid Changes” gained attention for breaking down the timeline of Kim Yuna’s double-eyelid “history.” Kim Yuna has often been suspected of getting plastic surgery because she used to have monolids but is now seen with double eyelids.

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Triggered by posts suspecting the Olympian got double eyelid surgery, the author of the post clarified that not only Kim Yuna but anyone can develop double eyelids as they get older.

It’s not just Kim Yuna, but anyone can develop double eyelids. This is a post I organized by myself for the people who automatically suspect people who develop double eyelids as they get older. I’m not saying that double eyelid surgery is bad, but it must not feel good to be accused of something one didn’t do, so this post clarifies that.

— Author of the post

Pictures from the post showed Kim Yuna’s face throughout the years she was known to the public.

In 2007, in high school, she didn’t have double eyelids but a slight crease. According to the post, she had that crease since elementary school.

The public was most familiar with Kim Yuna during her 2010 to 2013 years because she participated in the Olympics. Around this time, as she grew up, the crease above her eye got fainter.

Starting in 2014, Kim Yuna began to develop double eyelids near the inner corners of her eyes.


She remained the same in 2016.

In 2019, she sometimes had half-double eyelids, but at other times, they disappeared.

According to the post’s author, Kim Yuna had developed about 80% of her double eyelids by 2021.

Lastly, this was Kim Yuna, most recently in 2023.

The post had over 600 comments (as of this article) as netizens shared how they or people they know developed double eyelids as they got older, too. Most agreed that this is a common thing that happens to many people and that Kim Yuna’s eyes are natural.

Some pointed out that other celebrities, such as actress Park Bo Young, also developed double eyelids as she got older.

  • “It’s all pretty”
  • “For monolids, if you curl your lashes with an eyelash curler or put on false eyelashes, you can get double eyelids..”
  • “I developed it in college, too. Lol. Everyone thought I got surgery, even though I didn’t”
  • “It happened to my dad, too. I’m waiting for it to happen to me, too. Lol”
  • “This happened to Park Bo Young, too”
  • “I guess people are similar. I got it this way, too”
  • “I realized that there are actually a lot of cases like this from reading the comments. I didn’t know because I never saw cases like this near me”
  • “I developed double eyelids when I lost eye fat, but it’s too strong, so I don’t like it. It doesn’t seem natural, and I liked my monolids because they were unique, but now I’m sad I can’t go back”
  • “I got double eyelids after I started working and got a job. But one year after quitting my job, my double eyelids disappeared LOL”
  • “From the beginning, Kim Yuna’s double eyelid line appeared and disappeared, so what do they mean by plastic surgery? Lol”
  • “I think she had said they appear when she wears makeup”
  • “So pretty”
  • “It’s so obvious her eyes didn’t go through surgery lol”
  • “I bet the line goes away when she erases her makeup. When you put on mascara or falsies, the crease forms double eyelids”
  • “Uh, what do people mean by Kim Yuna getting double eyelid surgery… It shows that they didn’t know Kim Yuna when she was young. It’s so obvious she developed them after she got older”
  • “Ugh, some people develop it when they lose face fat, geez”
  • “It happens when you lose the fat above your eyes”
  • “With or without them, she’s a goddess. So pretty”
  • “Someone I knew said she got surgery, so I told her it can develop naturally. But who cares whether she got surgery or not…”
  • “I’m the same age as Yuna, and I got a line, too. When I’m tired, the crease forms clearly”
  • “You can tell that Kim Yuna got the crease when she aged and lost her eye fat, so I don’t understand why some people are so ignorant”
  • “One of my eyes got them in my 20s, and the other got them in my 30s”
  • “I’m the same age as Yuna and developed it in the same order as Yuna, around the same time, loool. Of course, the results are very different…”
  • “She’s so pretty… She’s like a princess”
  • “The last GIF looks like plastic surgery”
  • “So fascinating. Pretty”

Kim Yuna has publicly denied multiple times that she had not gotten double eyelid surgery. In 2021, she posted two selfies with a simple caption, “I didn’t get double eyelid surgery.

Source: theqoo
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