Netizens Discuss What Scandals Can Potentially Make Them Quit A Fandom

Are there scandals that can make you leave the fandom? If yes, what are they?

Fans discuss what controversies that can potentially happen to their favorite celebrities they hate the most.

Common themes that appeared were celebrities they like being in a relationship, getting involved in vices especially drugs and underage drinking, being involved in violence, crimes and assaults, and a celebrity’s misogynous comments and actions.

One netizen shared that they understand that some people think differently, and that the society is trying to change misogyny, but moving forward they don’t think they’ll be able to tolerate such a thing and will definitely quit the fandom!

Other controversies or scandals that were listed were being hateful towards fans, being involved in school violence, being a frequent club goer, and personality scandals, where a celebrity’s not-so-nice personality is exposed.

Many still couldn’t seem to accept the fact that EXO‘s Chen is getting married and expecting a baby at the same time, and are saying how that one hurts the most.

One person even shared that they don’t like bullies and another shared that they couldn’t take that one time an idol was treating his pet miserably!

These are just some of the worst scandals fans can think of and don’t want their favorite celebrities to be involved in. What are the scandals you hate the most?

Source: Nate Pann