Netizens Discuss If They’d Rather Be The Leader Or The Maknae If They Were An Idol

The dependable leader or the adored baby maknae?

Recently, netizens have started discussing if they would rather be the leader of a K-Pop group or the maknae.

Leaders are known to be the person the members can rely on. Leaders are usually in charge of listening to the concerns of their members and relaying it to the company, and vice-versa. They keep their members grounded and are known to adore all of their “kids!” Though usually the oldest member, it can also be the member with the most trainee experience or with the most leadership skills.

Some popular K-Pop leaders are…

Red Velvet‘s Irene,

EXO‘s Suho,


and IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi!

The maknae, or the youngest member, is the baby of the group! The maknae is the only who usually receives a lot of attention and interest from their hyungs or unnies, as well as from older fans. They (usually) have a lot of aegyo and show a lot of respect to their fellow members. As the youngest, they will forever be pampered by their members no matter how old they get.

Some famous K-Pop maknaes are…

IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung,

BTS’s Jungkook,

Red Velvet’s Yeri,

and EXO’s Sehun!

Some have mentioned that they can be both the leader and the maknae, like WINNER‘s Yoon!

Which position would you want?

Source: TheQoo
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