Netizens Are Divided On Rookie Boy Group Ciipher’s Introduction Phrase

They hope that they will change it.

Ciipher is a new and upcoming rookie boy group created by singer Rain under his agency, Rain Company. With just a few days before their official debut, netizens are divided on their greeting phrase and choreography.

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The group has been seen on various shows before their debut, and their introduction phrase has raised some questions. On these shows, they introduced themselves with, “Save us! Hello we are Ciipher! Please spare us just once!”

Netizens who heard their introduction were shocked.

  • “Why is he forcing the kids to beg?”
  • “Please protect the dignity and pride of the members.”
  • “I don’t think it’s a good idea that Rain is producing an idol group.”
  • “It sounds so strange…please change it.”

Their intro wasn’t the only thing that netizens were divided on. On MBC‘s The Manager, they revealed the group practicing their debut track “Not Afraid” for Rain. Although they did well, Rain felt that it was missing something.

He discussed with the members and the company about changing the choreography for the main chorus with a more interesting and eye-catching move. The show ultimately ended with them still in discussion about the choreography change.

But not long after, the group appeared on MBC Everyone‘s Weekly Idol and performed their debut track with the new choreography move that Rain suggested.

Netizens who saw that the choreography was changed, weren’t impressed.

  • “I hoped they wouldn’t change it but I guess they did. I wish he would just invest in a group and leave the rest to the professionals.”
  • “He really doesn’t have the knack for producing…”
  • “Both the song and dance doesn’t seem that great…
  • “He changed the choreography even though most of the employees were against it.”

Ciipher consists of seven members who will debut with their mini album Not Afraid on March 15.

Source: theqoo