Netizens Are Falling For NCT Lucas And His Model-Like Visuals

His visuals have everyone shook.

Recently, netizens re-discovered the clip of NCT/WayV‘s Lucas during his appearance on Knowing Bros. The clip shows Lucas explaining how he passed his SM Entertainment auditions, and he says that he forgot he had to prepare a song and dance for the auditions. Instead, Lucas did three poses that showed off his visuals and passed his auditions.

Netizens are now falling for his insane visuals, saying he could have easily debuted as a model if he chose not to pursue music. With a toned body, strong arms, and long legs, it’s not hard to see why SM Entertainment wanted him in their company.

His official profile says that he is 183cm tall, but fans believe he could actually be taller. He made his runway debut last year and fans say he could pass off as a model with years of experience.

Just shows the power of Lucas’ visuals!

Source: Pann