Netizens Spread False Information About (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, But Fans Quickly Set Facts Straight

It was about her dating life as a trainee.

Recently, (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon fell victim to malicious rumors regarding her actions as a trainee.

It started out with a post entitled “The female idol who got kicked out for going on an overseas trip with a male idol when they were minors”.

The incident the post was referring to was when Miyeon and Mix & Match‘s Jung Jinhyung were spotted together in Japan, sparking their dating rumors.

According to the post, Miyeon and Jinhyung were both 17 years old at that time and therefore minors, which they said made their actions even more shocking.

They continued by saying that Miyeon was still a trainee at YG Entertainment when the pictures were taken…

And that it was because of this incident that she was kicked out of YG Entertainment and was made to join her current agency, CUBE Entertainment. The posted stated that she continued to date CUBE Entertainment idols during her trainee days.

In addition, it said that it was because of Miyeon and Jinhyung’s controversy that YG Entertainment enacted a dating ban.

Many of the comments were shocked that the two went on a trip together as minors and that she “looks so gentle” and is marketed as an “innocent-dol” when “As expected, you can’t judge someone from the way they look”.

After this post spread and received much attention, Neverland (fandom of (G)I-DLE) were quick to set facts straight. They wrote a post with 6 clarifications, namely:

1. The trip happened in 2015. Miyeon is an early ’97 so that made her 18 years old at that time, not 17.

2. Neverland never said that she was quiet and gentle. They praised her for being a gag character.

3. YG Entertainment didn’t restrict male and female idols’ interactions because of Miyeon. It was in place even before the incident occurred.

4. Miyeon took a qualification exam.

5. The reason why she left YG Entertainment was because her debut was unlikely to happen, so she left by herself. She went on the trip afterwards.

6. At that time, she didn’t join any company, and she wasn’t a trainee either. She was a student at a vocal academy.

Source: Nate and Nate