Netizens Find TWICE Sana’s Old Twitter Account

Sana‘s old Twitter account has been dug up, and the things that she tweeted are hilarious!

The lovely idol’s past tweets are becoming a hot topic as interest grows to see what she was like before her debut. Understandably, all of Sana’s tweets are in Japanese and occur between 2010 and 2011. Although the account appears to have been inactive since 2012, we hope to hear more in the future from the lovable and clumsy idol!

The account’s tag is listed as “Sanapomu” and has a caption that reads “dance大好きです!” or “I love dance!” Check out some of her tweets below!

The two tweets below read, “Yogurt yogurt” and “Going home to eat yogurt.”

Another one of her tweets expressed her desire to visit Korea. It reads, “I am interested in Korea. I want to go, I want to go.”

TWICE is famous for their signature dance move “TT” which became a viral trend. Interestingly, Sana tweeted “TT” a few times in 2011, and Twitter users jokingly stated that she started the adorable trend. Who knew that years later, Sana would perform a song dedicated to the cute emoji?

A pre-debut picture of Sana Minatozaki with her friends.

Source: Dispatch